“I make Dream Pop music and illustrate comics about my touring life. I am making some FREE downloads available to you so that you can experience what others have said is “like floating in limbo in an echo-y, open forest”

Get an immediate download of two songs and a comic for Free!

Here are some kind words people have said about me and my art…


 DJ Reese 95.5 WBRU-“Some sounds make you feel that ‘special-something’- others remind you of how special, how human, that moment can be. ‘Able Thought delivers both through his carefully crafted repertoire of sincere and utter vulnerability.”

Jake Bissaro Motif Magazine-“Maybe the best way to describe the sound is by simply recalling the name of the album (serene In Limbo). You feel like you’re floating in limbo in an echo-y, open forest.”

Hello, Able Thought here… I make Dream Pop music and illustrate comics about my touring life. My music is often referred to as “stormy” due to its swelling dynamics, cloudy ambiance and unanticipated changes. My comics are mostly line drawings influenced off the 70s underground comic movement. I bring these two creative outlets together in a very unique way.

I want to give you some free downloads so you can take a peek at my music and art.

The first track is called “Strangers” and is an exclusive song. This is the only place to get it. Lyrically it is about someone I used to date that would fall asleep constantly, my over all fascination with how cute I thought it to be and ultimately how my touring life pulled us apart. Its structurally quite different than alot of my stuff but feels right and true to our relationship. The second song you will receive is a song called “Places.” It was the first single off the record and was picked up by local radio. This is the track that started it all. The words are about how I believe people to perceive me compared to my true feelings and my overall struggles to express them. The overall feel of the song is the same feeling you get walking around at night when no ones around, the peace and eeriness in the night air. The comic you will receive was my first comic strip and is about some unfiltered thoughts I had while hiking in the woods. Its about what I believe my inspiration and drive to be.

For a limited amount of time I am giving away an exclusive song “Strangers,” the first single off the record “Places” and a digital comic strip called “Something Beautiful” for Free. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks and comic.

So enter your name and email address now, something made you come to this page.. most likely some work of mine so I want to give you an opportunity to experience more of what I do for free… and thank you for wanting to be apart of this.